Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main parts of the turntable?

  • Tonearm
    • This holds the cartridge and allows the stylus/needle to ride in the grooves of the record.
  • Stylus/Needle
    • The stylus/needle picks up vibrations along the groove of the vinyl record. These same vibrations travel to the cartridge at the tonearm’s end.
  • Platter
    • The spinning part of the turntable where the record sits.
  • Cartridge
    • This holds the stylus/needle. The cartridge will convert the movement of the stylus into an electrical signal that produces audio.
  • Cue Lever
    • The cue lever is designed to keep your vinyl and stylus in good condition as it allows you to carefully ease the stylus on and off the record.

What are the other parts of the turntable?

    • Anti-Skate Dial
      • This helps reduce wear and tear on the needle and prevents playback issues such as skipping or pops in audio during playback.
        • The dial should be set at 2.5 on the Marley turntables.
    • Balance Weight
      • This knob allows you to keep your record collection in good condition, and prevents issues with sound quality, by keeping the stylus balanced when in use.
      • The knob on the Stir It Up and Stir It Up Wireless should be set to 2.5.
    • Belt
      • A turntable belt rotates the platter of a record player's turntable.
      • If the belt is fitted correctly, there should be some resistance when you rotate the platter.
    • Drive Motor
      • The motor sits off to the side of the platter and the belt loops around the motor and platter.
    • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
      • This can be used to connect headphones or speakers to the turntable for playing audio

How do I setup my Stir It Up Turntable?

    1. Unclip the tonearm and remove the protective foam block from underneath it.
    2. Carefully remove the protective cover from the stylus
    3. Look at the belt underneath the metal platter, the belt is already fitted to the platter so make sure it is not twisted.
    4. If it is, the belt must be removed and refitted, or adjusted so that it is flat
    5. With the belt around your finger, place the platter on the base of the turntable and line up the large hole with the spindle. Then gently loop the belt around it.
    6. If the belt is fitted correctly, there should be some resistance when you rotate the platter
    7. Place the turntable mat on the platter
    8. Place the balance weight on the end of the tonearm by turning and pushing gently
    9. Adjust the balance weight until he arms floats parallel with the turntable
    10. Rotate the balance weight one full turn. This will make the tone arm balanced.
    11. Adjust the tracking weight on the balance to 2.5 (this is the correct weight for the fitted stylus)
    12. Adjust the anti-skate dial to 2.5
    13. Plug the power cord into the socket on the back of the turntable
    14. Plug an RCA cable into the back of the turntable and connect it to your desired playback device
      • Alternatively, you can connect a 3.5mm (aux) cord into the “headphone” port on the front of the turntable and connect that to your desired playback device
        • Note: you cannot use both the RCA and 3.5mm (aux) port for playback simultaneously
    15. Place a record on the turntable
    16. Shift the dial below the anti-skate dial towards you and place the stylus above the record to start the record
    17. Shift the dial away from you to lower the stylus
    18. Enjoy the music!

What is the correct tracking weight setting for the stylus?

    • The tracking weight should be set to 2.5

What is the correct setting for the anti-skate dial?

    • The anti-skate dial should be set to 2.5

How do I start a record?

    • Shift the dial below the “anti-skate” dial away from you

How do I stop a record?

    • Shift the dial below the “anti-skate” dial away from you

What is the model name of the Stir It Up turntable?

    • EM-JT000

What is the size of the Stir It Up turntable?

    • 72"x14.57"x1.97" (450 x 370 x 50mm)

What is the weight of the Stir It Up turntable?

    • 9.04lbs (4.10kg)

How do I recycle my product?

    • House of Marley believes in respect for the earth, which is why we develop products with upcycled materials. Please contact your local e-waste recycling center for drop-off instructions. Unfortunately, due to the complex assembly of the turntable, they cannot be placed in a standard recycle receptacle