Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I turn on/off the Get Together?

    • The Get together can be turned on/off by pressing the power button

2. How do I connect to the Get Together through Bluetooth?

    1. First, you’ll want to ensure the Get Together is ready to be paired. Ensure the Get Together shows a flashing blue LED.
      • Get Together automatically goes into reconnect mode for 5 seconds as soon as you turn it on (flashing blue LED).
      • You can also pair a new device to Get Together by holding the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds.
    2. Then, pair your device with the “Get Together” in the Bluetooth settings
      • Once paired, you will see a solid blue LED on the Get Together

3. How do you know the Get Together is paired by Bluetooth?

    • You will see a solid blue LED when the device is paired through Bluetooth

4. How do I connect the Get Together to the Stir It Up Turntable?

    • You can connect the Get Together Mini to a Stir It Up turntable by connecting a 3.5mm (aux) cable to the turntable and speaker

5. What is the model name of the Get Together?

    • EM-JA006

6. What is the size of Get Together?

    • 75" x 5.08" x 3.22" (400 x 129 x 81.8mm)

7. What is the weight of Get Together?

    • 6.06lbs (2.75kg)

8. What type of cable should I use to charge the Get Together?

    • The included AC power Supply cord

9. How long will the battery last when fully charged?

    • Up to 8hrs

10. What is the Bluetooth range of the Get Together?

    • 30m/90ft

11. What is the Bluetooth version of Get Together?

    • 30m/90ft

12. What other features are on the Get Together?

    • Onboard microphone
    • USB port for charging other devices

13. How do I recycle my product?

    • House of Marley believes in respect for the earth, which is why we develop products with upcycled materials. Please contact your local e-waste recycling center for drop-off instructions. Unfortunately, due to the complex assembly of the speaker, it cannot be placed in a standard recycle receptacle.