Frequently Asked Questions

How do I perform a reset and clear the pairing list?

    1. Remove the Earbuds from the case
    2. Press and hold each earbud button until you see 3 red flashes (indicating the device is powered off) then release
    3. Wait 10 seconds
    4. Press and hold both buttons on the earbuds and continue to hold through the following light patterns:
      • 2 white flashes indicating power on
      • Red/white flashing indicating pairing mode
      • 3 red flashes indicating power off.
        • Maintain holding the buttons through all the light patterns
    5. Return the earbuds to the case
    6. Upon removal from the case, the earbuds will be reset to its factory settings and will be in pairing mode

How do I maintain the battery health of my earbuds?

    • Use a high-quality 5-volt USB charger. Avoid using chargers more powerful than this consistently.
    • Avoid leaving your product connected to the charger for long periods of time. It’s best to remove the product from the charger once fully charged.
    • Avoid going for extended periods of time with no use of the earbuds. Battery capacity can be diminished if an earbud/case sits for more than a year with no use/charge

Can I use a single earbud on its own?

    • Yes. Simply remove a single earbud from the case, or pop one earbud back into the case. The other will continue to work on its own.
    • If you are using a single earbud and you take the other one out of the case, the earbuds will automatically pair again and you will have a stereo connection.

How do you use the touch controls?

    • Music playback
          • Tap either earbud once to play/pause audio

          • Double tap the left earbud to play the previous track

          • Double tap the right earbud to play the next track

    • Siri/Google Assistant

          • Triple tap any earbud to active your voice assistant

    • Phone controls

          • Tap and hold either earbud for 1 second to answer an incoming call

          • Tap and hold either earbud for 2 seconds to end a call

    • Controls can be customized in the House of Marley App on iOS and Android devices  

What is the model name of Champion 2?

    • EM-JE132

What is the size of Champion 2?

    • (60.96 x 55.12 x 30.73mm)

What is the weight of Champion 2?

    • 0.51lbs (232.6g)

What type of cable should I use to charge Champion 2?

    • A USB-C charging cable is used to charge Champion 2.
    • You can also place Champion 2 on any compatible wireless charger.

What is the capacity of the batteries?

    • 65mAh (earbuds)
    • 500mAh (case)

How long will it take to fully charge the case and the earbuds?

    • Full charge: 2 hours (USB-C) or 3 hours (Wireless)
    • Quick Charge: 15 mins = 2 hours playtime

How long will the battery last when fully charged?

    • Champion provides up to 10 hours of playtime and an additional 2.5 charges from the charging case for 35 hours total of listening.

What is the quick charge feature?

    • The quick charge feature allows you to get back to listening faster. For example, you will get up to 2 hours of playtime after just 15 minutes of charging of the earbuds in their case.

How do I power on/off the earbuds without the charging case?

    • To power on the earbuds without the case, press and hold down the button on the left and right earbud for 2 seconds.
    • To power off the earbuds, press and hold down the button on the left and right earbud for 4 seconds. The LED will flash red, indicating power off.

What is included in the packaging for Champion 2?

    • House of Marley Champion 2 Earbuds, 3 sizes of comfort ear gels, 3 sizes of comfort ear wings. charging case, quick start guide, and warranty booklet.

How do I get a good fit with these earbuds?

  1. We suggest that you first try on each size of the ear tips included in the box to find the right fit for you. Note: you may require a different tip in each ear. For example, a large tip in the right ear and medium in the left, etc.
  2. Make sure that you place the earbud marked L in your left ear, and the earbud marked R in your right ear.
  3. You can gently pull your earlobe down and place the earbud inside your ear, which should help it enter a bit further into the canal for a secure fit. You will achieve a good fit when there is a seal inside the ear, so the earbuds will not fall out easily.

How do I pair Champion 2 to my device?

    • Open the case, remove the earbuds, and the paper film from the bottom
    • Place the earbuds in the case and allow them to charge for at least 15 minutes
    • Remove the earbuds from the case. The earbuds will turn on (indicated with 3 white flashes). After, one earbud will begin to blink red/white indicating earbuds are in pairing mode.
    • Go to your device’s Bluetooth® pairing menu and select “Champion 2”. Your device will now be connected to the earbuds.

How do I pair Champion 2 to a different device?

    • Press either the left or right earbud button 5 times.
    • The earbuds will unpair and then be ready to pair to another device.
    • Go to your device’s Bluetooth® pairing menu and select “Champion 2”. Your device will now be connected to the earbuds.

How do I check the battery level of the case?

    • Tap the case to check the battery level. The LEDs on the case will indicate the charging status.
    • Charging the case via cable will also show the current charge level.

How do you know the earbuds are charging when placed in the case?

    1. When you place the buds in the case, ensure the LEDs turn red. This indicates good contact with the metal pins in the case.

    2. Secondly, if the case is closed with the earbuds inside, double tap the case and the left and right LED will be lit if the buds are in contact.

      • If the left LED is not lit, it means there is not good contact on the left bud. And the same if the right LED is not lit.

      • If this happens, open the case and replace the earbuds inside the case ensuring the LED on the bud turns red. You may need to wipe the contact points on the bud and the case to ensure there is nothing stopping this connection.

How do I recycle my product?

    • House of Marley believes in respect for the earth, which is why we develop products with upcycled materials. Please contact your local e-waste recycling center for drop-off instructions. Unfortunately, due to the complex assembly of the earbuds, they cannot be placed in a standard recycle receptacle